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Marine’s Service Now Extends To Theatre

October 9, 2020

Before the February 28 opening of “The Agitators” at Phoenix Theatre, I first began communicating with Bob Lehman, who, at that time, was the new director of marketing at the theatre. On September 1, he was promoted to an expanded role of director of sales... read more

Jan Lucas Experiences ‘The Great Pause’

April 18, 2020

I had the pleasure of meeting actor, writer and musician Jan Lucas in February at Fonseca Theatre Company. She was there, attending a performance of “Les Chanteuses,” a production of Magic Thread Cabaret, of which I am managing director. Having seen Lucas in several performances... read more

COVID-19 Hits Close To Home For Gordon Strain

April 14, 2020

Having seen shows regularly since I was a child and reviewing countless music, theatre and dance events as an adult for many years, losing the experience of live performance due to the pandemic is a profound void in my life. In the meantime, however, since... read more

Isolation Sparks Creativity For Versatile Artist

April 1, 2020

“I have been doing this since I was a little kid,” said cellist, Indianapolis makeup artist and wig master Andrew Elliot in a phone interview regarding his recent posts on Facebook depicting him dressed as both male and female characters from theatre, books and the... read more

“The Agitators Brings History To Life With Humanity

March 1, 2020

Prior to seeing playwright Mat Smart‘s drama “The Agitators” Friday at Phoenix Theatre, I had the advantage of having interviewed its director, Mikael Burke, earlier in the week . My extensive Q & A with Burke, published on the same day I saw the play,... read more

Theatre Drector Mikael Burke Savors His Steady Climb As A Pro

February 28, 2020

I first met former Indy resident and now Chicago-based director Mikael Burke when he was actively involved with NoExit Performance. Eventually, he left the city to attend graduate school at The Theatre School at  DePaul University  in Chicago, where I last saw him when I... read more

‘Georgia McBride’ is a sassy valentine to drag culture

September 17, 2019

It is easy to predict that once word hits the streets, tickets to “The Legend of Georgia McBride” will be hard to come by. That assessment is based on the audience reaction to the play, written by gay playwright Matthew Lopez, which opened the 2019-20... read more