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Hollywood Stereotype Is Debunked In Southbank Theatre Offering

June 20, 2022

Coming off their successful May run of “Twelfth Night,” founder Marcia-Eppich Harris’s Southbank Theatre Company continues to make its presence known as an exciting new addition to the Indy theatre landscape. Showing flair once again, the neophyte group presents “Marie Antoinette & The Magical Negroes,”... read more

‘Skeleton Crew’ Sympathetically Explores The Blue-Collar Experience

March 1, 2022

Continuing to provide exceptional programming to our community, Summit Performance Indianapolis presents “Skeleton Crew” on the Basile Stage at Phoenix Theatre Cultural Centre through March13. I saw the compelling drama on opening night. Summit’s values are to increase the representation of our country’s diverse population... read more

Costume Designer Beck Jones Forges A Career In The Big Leagues

February 17, 2022

  Of special interest to me when I reviewed the romantic comedy “Love Bird” at Phoenix Theatre on opening night, February 4, were the striking costumes designed by Beck Jones, and worn by co-stars Scot Greenwell and Bill Simmons. The play, written by Indy native... read more

Summer Stock Stage’s ‘Chicago’ Sizzles At The Park

July 24, 2021

Last night, I joined fairly new friends Fernando and Rick to see “Chicago,” presented by Summer Stock Stage at The Park, the outdoor venue at Phoenix Theatre. The savvy couple, who recently relocated from L.A. to Indy, are knowledgeable about the performing arts, have sophisticated... read more

Marine’s Service Now Extends To Theatre

October 9, 2020

Before the February 28 opening of “The Agitators” at Phoenix Theatre, I first began communicating with Bob Lehman, who, at that time, was the new director of marketing at the theatre. On September 1, he was promoted to an expanded role of director of sales... read more