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American Lives Theatre makes its formidable debut with ‘Gloria’

January 11, 2020

History was made on the local arts and culture scene with the opening of “Gloria,” presented by American Lives Theatre. One of Indy’s newest theatre groups, ALT debuted Friday at IndyFringe Basile Theatre off Mass Ave. Founded by artistic director Chris Saunders, the fledgling group’s... read more

‘Steel Magnolias’ retains it humor and charm

January 10, 2020

I have stated it before, but it bears repeating, that an occupational hazard of reviewing theatre is seeing the same play or musical multiple times. However, whenever I encounter a work I have seen previously, I always judge it on its own merits. Such is... read more

‘La Vie on Broadway’ shines as brightly as its namesake

January 7, 2020

Near the end of November, I spent four days in New York City, where I saw three Broadway musicals. With pleasant memories still fresh in my consciousness, I was enthralled with “La Vie on Broadway” presented by Dance Kaleidoscope here in Indy. I attended Friday’s... read more

‘A Silent Night In Harlem’ charms and upflifts

December 16, 2019

In an effort to comprehensively cover the performing arts in Central Indiana, I try to, at least, be aware of every company and organization presenting them, even if it is not possible to attend every single show. Occasionally, however, one will elude me and such... read more

‘Hamilton” Hyperbole is well deserved

December 13, 2019

You’ll not see me among the first in line at an Apple store to purchase the newest iPhone or at Walmart on Black Friday to buy a wide-screen TV. Fortunately, delayed gratification isn’t an issue for me, which also applies to seeing blockbuster films on... read more

FTC show is infused with founder’s offbeat outlook on Christmas

December 9, 2019

Fans of Bryan Fonseca’s unconventional sense of humor, political views and affection for Christmas will be pleased to know his sensibilities are alive and well in “A Very Bryan Christmas.” Essentially, a variety show, it is currently playing at Basile Theatre, the new home of... read more

Manhattan’s mystique and allure remain intact

December 4, 2019

My very first time in New York City was in 1979. I went there to reunite with my college theatre school buddy, Emmy Award winner Julia Barr. At the time, my fellow Fort Wayne, Indiana native was a daytime-TV star on the popular soap opera... read more