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Musical Theatre Returns to IRT Via A Campy Cult Hit

May 7, 2024

    After an eleven-year hiatus, musicals have returned to the Indiana Repertory Theatre in the form of “Little Shop of Horrors.”  Billed as a “horticultural horror musical, I saw a performance of the offbeat work on the OneAmerica Stage, Sunday, April 28. Written by... read more

‘Tina’ Is Unflinching Musical Portrait of Entertainment Icon

May 2, 2024

Though thoroughly entertaining, “Tina,” The Tina Turner Musical,” was also one of the most difficult to watch at times. Featuring the music of Tina Turner and portraying her life from her humble origins Nutbush, Tennessee, to her transformation into a rock and roll superstar, the national... read more

ALT Drama Is A Commentary On the Power Of Empathy

April 26, 2024

With a title like “A Case For the Existence of God,” which I saw Friday, April 12, and not having researched its content prior to seeing it, and I anticipated a theological exercise of some sort. What I did not expect was playwright Samuel D.... read more

‘The ‘King and I’ Endures For Its Captivating Charm

April 12, 2024

Because I have reviewed theatre, music and dance for over 45 years, I have seen some many works multiple times, but always find something unique about each. And though I cannot help making comparisons, I always try to judge each production on its own merits.... read more

Tad Robinson Band Personifies Soulful Blues Aesthetic

April 9, 2024

Not only was Friday night at the venerable Jazz Kitchen special because it was the 30th Anniversary weekend of the venue, but it had been years since I attended a blues performance.  But it wasn’t just an average presentation. This particular one, featuring the Ted... read more

Charismatic Actor Manifests Frida Kahlo In Solo Performance

March 31, 2024

The words channel and inhabit are often used to describe effective performances of actors playing famous figures. In the case of actor-playwriter-choreographer Vanessa Severo, who plays the role of Mexican surrealist painter, Frida Kahlo in “Frida,,,A Self Portrait” at the Indiana Repertory Theatre Upperstage, there... read more