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‘Sanctuary City’ Depicts the Limbo Existence Of The Undocumented

September 10, 2023

Playwright Martyna Mojak’s revealing drama, “Sanctuary City,” which opened Friday, at Phoenix Theatre Cultural Centre, in the Frank and Katrina Basile Theatre, hits very close to home for me. The play, which is a compassionate look at the plight of undocumented residents brought to this... read more

‘Angel On Eros’ is An IndyFringe Standout

September 4, 2023

Typically, like most critics, I try to publish my reviews at least within a week of opening night.  However, in the case of “Angel on Eros,” which closed after a three-day IndyFringe Theatre Festival run on Sunday, August 20, it is only now that I... read more

NAATC Makes It’s Debut With Powerfully Relevant ‘Detroit ‘67’

September 3, 2023

  I originally attended the August, 25 performance of “Detroit ’67,” presented by the newly formed Naptown Actors Theatre Company (NAATC), making its auspicious debut at Phoenix Theatre Cultural Centre. Nearly an hour into the first act, the performance was stopped and later cancelled due... read more

IMC Continues Its Meteoric Rise At IndyFringe Theatre Festival

August 30, 2023

Signifying its upward trajectory as a respected mainstream performing arts organization made up of primarily LGTBQIA2S+ members, the inclusive Indianapolis Men’s Chorus, which performed with the likes of Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra within the past year, lived up to its... read more

Stephen McCoy Assumes Leadership of The Indianapolis Men’s Chorus

August 22, 2023

On September 1, Stephen McCoy will commence his position as the first executive director of the Indianapolis Men’s Chorus. IMC board chair, Tim Birky, states in a press release, “Given his history with the IMC, experience fundraising and marketing in arts, and LGBTQIA2S+ organizations, and... read more

Ricardo Meléndez Returns To Indy For His IndyFringe Debut

August 18, 2023

Actor-playwright Ricardo Meléndez, a native of Puerto Rico, considers Indianapolis his stateside hometown, so the former Dance Kaleidoscope company member is excited to share his latest work at this year’s IndyFringe Theatre Festival with old friends and potentially many new ones this weekend. Meléndez’s play,... read more