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IMC ‘Spirit of The Season’ Concert Explodes With Ebullient Joy

December 17, 2023

  The quality that is most recognizable when seeing an Indianapolis Men’s Chorus concert is the infectious energy exhibited on stage by its members.  Playing to a diverse, sold-out audience, the dynamic IMC opened “Spirit of the Season,” Friday at the Marian University Theatre, and... read more

IMC Offers Valentine To Renowned Filmmaker Baz Luhrmann

April 20, 2023

There really is no other choral organization, other than perhaps within the local high school show choir realm, that is quite as leading edge as the Indianapolis Men’s Chorus, now in its 33th season. That estimation is based on the professional quality of its adventuresome... read more

IMC holiday concert glimmers with panache

December 14, 2018

Following a tradition demands that you be consistent and maintain it, so like I have for many years, I couldn’t miss attending the annual Indianapolis Men’s Chorus holiday concert. The problem was that I was not available to see any of its regular performances on... read more

Butler U. grad student Jacob Stensberg is a music Renaissance man

July 18, 2017

Like most other local reviewers I was particularly impressed with the chorus that represented the “Notre Dame Choir” in BOBDIREX, aka Bob Harbin’s,  latest masterpiece, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It ran June 23 – July 9 at Marian University Theatre. Responsible for overseeing the... read more