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Liam Bonner Stitches A New Garment In The Age of Coronavirus

August 8, 2020

Do you find it interesting when you encounter professional acquaintances out of context, in ways you have never pictured them? An example for me, and in this case, a happy surprise, was witnessing Indianapolis Symphonic Choir executive director Liam Bonner performing at the organization’s Feb.... read more

Liz Callaway Prepares For Her Livestream Concert Debut

August 4, 2020

In early May, I did a phone interview with actor-singer-recording artist Liz Callaway and at the time, like most of us, she was hunkered down in her home because of the coronavirus with her husband Dan. Their son, Nicholas, who had just finished his first year... read more

Devan Mathias Finds Joy Amid Darkness

July 23, 2020

Of the many misfortunes suffered by performing arts organizations during the pandemic, the cancellation of shows was one of the most devastating. I speak from personal experience. As managing director of Magic Thread Cabaret, my producing partner and artistic director, Dustin Klein, and I had... read more

Emmy-Winning Artist Uses His Voice To Promote Social Justice

July 16, 2020

Multi-talented artist Bill  Myers, like so many of us, is using his time in quarantine to tie up loose ends. In doing so, the 54-year-old Indianapolis native finally put to rest a troubling slight that had haunted him for decades. An accomplished actor, musician, writer,... read more

‘Hype Man’ Eyes Racism Through A Hip Hop Lens

July 11, 2020

Fonseca Theatre Company made history on July 9 when it opened Idris Goodwin’s drama, “Hype Man: a break beat play.” While most theatres in Central Indiana are shut down indefinitely because of COVID-19, FTC is one of only two local, professional companies presenting live theatre,... read more

Conrad Jones Stays In Orchestra Shape During Hiatus

July 8, 2020

In addition to covering the performing arts in my On the Aisle blog, I am also a contributor on WISH-TV’s Indy Style, where I recommend shows and concerts the public should see. Of course, these days, due to COVID-19, most indoor performances are on indefinite... read more

Living Well is A’Lelia Bundles’ Best Revenge

June 29, 2020

As America undergoes a cultural reckoning after the massive protests following the heinous murder of George Floyd and other unarmed Black individuals at the hands of police, the history of our country has been undergoing a long-delayed re-examination of history. Prior to the social upheaval,... read more